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"Nothing sweet, nothing sour":
An introduction to Post No Ills

With the amount of printed space given to book reviews diminishing across the country, we, the editorial staff of Post No Ills magazine, embark on a mission to create a thriving venue for book reviewing that will also encourage the intermingling of literary audiences and those patrons of other art forms.

Our primary interest is in reviews of new and innovative literary works we feel a need to present to a broader audience, but we plan to also publish theatre, dance, music, art exhibit reviews along side our book reviews. In a world where the influence of generic constrictions continues to diminish for artists and audiences, we believe it is important to encourage conversations between and across the arts.

A Post No Ills review will be characterized by balance. The business of book reviewing suffers not only from the erosion of book review pages, but also the lax and occasionally caustic attitudes with which reviewers engage their subjects. We are not interested in critical hit jobs, nor do we desire to publish reviews that only seek to fellate an author. We want to be known for reviews that are as giving as they are probing, that will invite our audience to add their own thoughtful insights to the discussion of literature and the world surrounding and shaping it.

For more information on writing and editorial opportunities with Post No Ills magazine, please e-mail us at post.no.ills@gmail.com.

We seek:

Book Reviews (please check back for our queue page to see what books for which we are currently seeking reviews)

Reviews of Plays, Art Shows and Exhibitions, Dance performances, Music shows (small venues)

Interviews with Artists, Musicians/Composers, and Writers

Have a lead on an intriguing book or art event? E-mail us with the subject “Leads” at post.no.ills@gmail.com.

Photographers and photoshop junkies, send us your doctored up images of “Post No (B)ills” posting and we will publish selected photographs with each issue.


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