Courtney C. Radsch : Journalism


In 2008 I moved to Dubai to run the English website of Al Arabiya, the 24-hour Arabic satellite news channel owned by MBC Group that launched in 2003. As associate editor I am fully responsible for the content and strategic planning for the website. In April this year the team was moved from the New Media department to Al Arabiya in an effort to integrate the newsrooms and make the website a better reflection of the channel. The English site is editorially independent although we look to the channel and the Arabic website for direction on some coverage and exclusives.

New York Times: For one year I worked for the Old Grey Lady in Washington, D.C. and had a front seat in the making of history- from Abu Ghraib to the 2004 election. The rise of the blog, the conventions and election politicking made for an interesting year at the forefront of media and political transformation.

The Daily Star In 2003 I worked for The Daily Star for the summer. The Iraq war had been declared over but hostilities continued. The Middle East was in an uproar over the failure to find weapons of mass destruction and the disentigration of the Raodmap to Palestinian-Israeli peace. And I was on the pages of the largest English daily in the region.

My Arab Media and Arabisto blogs look at what's going on in the Arab media and what American and other media outlets are saying about the Arab media. It's also a place where I write my thoughts on this topic stemming from my research on international relations and communication. My blog has been cited by CBS News, NPR, WETA and others.